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Spaceship Studios x Luna Lounge acts blah...blach...blah...

A weekly web series featuring the collaborative works between Boston-based visual artists and musicians! (brief descriptor here)




Kimthy Nguyen

Co-Founder & Art Director

Kimthy is the co-founder and art director of peasoupATTACK. Her artworks are known as an expressive form of emotion, a vessel or translator. She has worked in many collaborations with corporations, small businesses and non-profit organizations, creating art decor, serigraphs, apparel or murals.


Kimthy is responsible for the visual style and images in the company's artworks, images, and art/music productions. She creates the overall design for a project, and also direct others who develop the artwork or layouts.

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KimVy Nguyen

Co-Founder & Chief of Operations and Relations

KimVy is best known as "KimVy Not Kim".


She has worked in many different industries: education, event planning, administration and project management. She supports the vision of the Art Director and coordinates the ongoing projects, productions and collaborations with other businesses, artists and musicians.


Sean Seltzer

Videographer & Photography

I’m a Vermont native who has made a home in Boston. While the cobbled streets of Quincy Market, historic park of Fenway, and infamous Dirty Water all make me proud to call Boston home, I’m still a Vermonter at heart. There’s a drive in me to keep moving, keep going to new places, trying new things, meeting new people.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve primarily focused my photography work on landscapes, portraits, and “in the moment” moving objects. There is a certain thrill of capturing objects in motion and getting action shots!


I’ve been honored to work with couples celebrating new chapters in their lives, an internationally recognized nonprofit, and Ben & Jerry’s Save Our Swirled Tour, among others. That last one has been a personal favorite so far—after all, who wouldn’t like to drive around in a Tesla, teaching people about climate justice while sharing some ice cream?

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Daniela Wong-Chiulli

Graphics & Design

Daniela is a Boston based artist whose primary focus is on illustration and design. Her favorite subjects to draw incorporate figures and fantastical creatures in fantasy and surreal settings.

A self-described anime and game nerd, these provided much of her inspiration when learning how to draw while growing up.

She attended Suffolk University, where she befriended Kimthy, and watched with great delight as peasoupATTACK was born.


Tricia Cromwell

Set Designer


David Brown

Sound & Acoustics



Food Disposal Services






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