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KimThy is the art behind the business.

KimVy is the business behind the art.

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I. Am. Scared. Of. Blue. Or used to be.
I love the use of color and contrast. I am usually confident in mixing colors and exploring different color palettes. Yet I noticed in college that I tend to stray away from the color blue. I think it’s a beautiful color, not my favorite or go-to. But when I tried to use the color blue in my paintings, I’d find myself overcome with a kind of stage fright. All the sudden, I was no longer confident in mixing it with other colors, I’d use black to darken it and white to lightened it, but that wasn’t college level color mixing.
My favorite color is green. It’s not that far from blue on the color wheel, and I feel like I can mix green with anything blindfolded—my palette would be covered from all colors I mixed. When I asked my professor about it she said she had the same issue with red. I just had to keep forcing myself to use it and overcome my fear. So, I did. It took about a ridiculous decade. In 2022, I noticed I’ve been using blue more freely for a few years. Curse over.
I began drawing figures at three or four years old. Started drawing tons of faceless ballerina, poses to make fun of my big sister KimVy, who did ballet. The interest in drawing figures grew stronger and more consistent as I got older. In college, it was pointed out that all my past and current work related to the body. I realized I love to capture the movement of the human form. I did a lot of figure drawings and paintings, tattooing on myself, and wax string sculptures of the body. The more I drew the more I noticed most of the figures had their face covered in some way. There is a lot of detail in facial features and yet I was never interested to include it. I felt it would distract from the movement. I wanted to capture the figure poses. Maybe I’m scared of faces too.
Music helps me concentrate when I am working on a piece. I will listen to the same song on repeat until it is done. Even if the piece takes me weeks/months. If a piece takes me more than a year, the song may change, because most likely the art piece has evolved. The music must evolve with it. Looking at my past work, I can actually hear the song I was listening to when I created each piece.

KimThy is the art behind the business.

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