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Welcome to the Spaceship Studios and Luna Lounge! peasoupATTACK is back and ready to launch our new web series in 3, 2, 1…Each month, featured artists and musicians will perform and collaborate in the Spaceship Studios, and then move over to the Luna Lounge for a live podcast interview where they’ll discuss their creative processes, artistic work and what it was like to collaborate together. Tune in, as we lift off!



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Daniela Wong-Chiulli

Graphics & Design

Daniela Wong-Chiulli is a mixed media illustrator born and raised in Boston, MA. A graduate of the New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University with a BFA in Graphic Design, Daniela enjoys creating pieces with a suggested narrative with just enough of the fantastical thrown in to suggest a story behind the subjects. From her first tentative scribblings on the wall in crayon, she has always found inspiration in animal forms, imaginary beasts, and fantasy media.


Daniela pulled much of her inspiration while growing up and learning how to draw from anime and gaming. Little makes her happier than continuing to draw in an attempt to recreate the worlds she imagined as a youth and which still appear vividly in her mind. Always starting with a pencil sketch on paper, she then refines her work with ink and colors, and finalizes the images digitally. At the core, most of Daniela’s work stems from the singular thought, “Maybe this will look cool” and progresses outwards from there by incorporating additional thematic elements as she builds a story behind each image. 


Sean Seltzer

Videographer & Photography

Sean Seltzer is a native Vermonter turned Bostonian. While the cobbled streets of Quincy Market, historic Fenway Park, and the infamous Dirty Water all make Sean proud to call Boston home, he is still and always a Vermonter at heart. Sean has a drive to keep moving, keep exploring new places, trying new things and meeting new people.
Over the last five years, Sean has primarily focused his photography work on landscapes, portraits, and “in the moment” movement. He finds a certain thrill in capturing unique action shots by photographing objects in motion.
Sean’s career has found him pursuing a myriad of interests. He feels honored to have worked with couples celebrating new chapters in their lives, worked at an internationally recognized nonprofit, and on Ben & Jerry’s Save Our Swirled Tour, to name a few gigs. His latest one has been a personal favorite—after all, who wouldn’t like to drive around in a Tesla, teaching people about climate justice while sharing some ice cream?


Elle LaMarca

Content Writer

Elle LaMarca is a freelance content and fiction writer. Originally from upstate New York, she currently resides in the land of perpetual summer on California’s central coast. As an avid traveler and on/off again expat, Elle wanders the globe exploring new parts of the world and while writing words. 

Elle’s career trajectory has been as varied as her travels. She’s previously worked as a middle and high school urban English teacher, a flight attendant, yoga instructor, esthetician and professional makeup artist. Each new adventure and career teaches her valuable life and spiritual lessons that she shares with others through her writing. 

Elle is currently at work on a new novel about the bonds of female friendship amid the secrets of small town life, and producing her first podcast on how to live an alternative, happy life. When she’s not writing or galavanting about the globe, you can find Elle at home hanging with her cat, Huxley, reading a book, watching reality tv or enjoying wine while watching the sunset.

Elle prides herself on always being a learner first and teacher second. Her greatest hope is that life will always provide more questions than answers, so there’s always something new to ponder. She moves through life with a curious spirit and a humble heart. 


Tricia Cromwell

Set Designer

Tricia Cromwell is the creative behind peasoupATTACK’s stunning set designs. Tricia specializes in working with designers, photographers and business owners to assist them in establishing a brand or image that helps clients excel both personally and professionally.


In 2011, Tricia put her design expertise to good use, expanding her empowerment efforts by putting together seasonal charity fashion events and teaching corporate fashion seminars. She began styling for television in 2012, while also making her way in front of the camera and hosting her own fashion segments for “Style It Up” and Comcast. In 2014, Tricia added interior styling and closet design to her list of personalized services.
Tricia would love to get her hands on your closet! When not designing elaborate sets, Tricia works one on one with clients to help them customize their personal wardrobe to fit each client’s lifestyle and body type to ensure they look and feel their best at all times. She also works closely alongside fashion industry professionals styling their photoshoots, marketing campaigns and fashion shows to help them portray their vision and promote their brands through fashion.



David Brown

Sound & Acoustics



Food Disposal Services






Security Alert System

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