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KimThy is the art behind the business.

KimVy is the business behind the art.


KimVy has always been a connoisseur of the visual and performing arts. She attended a high school for the arts where she studied classical ballet. KimVy shared her love of performance and dance with others by teaching dance and ballet at Boston Ballet’s City Dance program and various other afterschool programs. In college, KimVy studied art history and, after receiving her Bachelor’s, she dreamt of opening an art gallery or of teaching art history in a university setting. The cosmos had other plans for KimVy, who felt called to serve her community by becoming a public school teacher in Boston through the prestigious Boston Teacher Residency. However, KimVy never lost her love of art and art history, which is why she wanted to create peasoupATTACK with her sister, KimThy.
Giving back is a core value for KimVy, whether it be to her family or community. It made perfect sense to partner with her sister to promote KimThy’s art and to create a production platform for her to collaborate with other visual and performing artists. Event planning has been a side hustle for KimVy for years. She has organized events ranging from fashion shows to live concerts. She has also produced music and dance productions for various local schools in the Boston area. KimVy thrives off of working in a collaborative, community-based environment.

KimVy is the business behind the art.

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