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what -or who- is peasoupattack?

"spread the poOpiEs!"


In 2005, "spread the poOpies!" was simply a silly and random phrase I started saying throughout my college years at Suffolk University's New England School of Art & Design.

It started from nothing, meant nothing, and had no relevance when it was said to anyone or anything.


During a printmaking class, I had become interested in learning how to screenprint, but unfortunately, Suffolk did not offer it as a course. Upon request, I was given a quick intro in silk screening by my printmaking professor, Randal Thurston. I did not have a design in mind and drew "spread the poOpies!" on my first screen. I spent that semester practicing how to print, wasting so much ink, and throwing out many, many shirts.


It was horrifying yet exciting.


Behold the glory!

Sometime around 2008, Darwinism was yawning over "spread the poOpies!" and peasoupATTACK emerged from it into another nonsensical saying. An initial foray of silk screening turned into a lifelong project of exploring the medium.


Hail to "spread the poOpies!"


"spread the poOpies!" still steadfastly lives on. I have small silly side projects I am working on, including a calendar! 

KimThy Nguyen, Artist & Co-Founder

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