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peasoupATTACK Welcomes You to the Spaceship Studios and Luna Lounge – SS & LL Season 1!

Our first team for April welcomes Episode 1: musician Fultronix and artist Cat Salmon.


Episode 2 in May welcomes: musician Alexander Walk and artist Christopher David Rohrig.


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Cat is an impressionist oil painter. Her work focuses heavily on representing memory and an obsession with the way people live in their spaces. Originally born in Portugal, Cat spent her childhood visiting her birth country. She often found herself trying to recreate memories, attempting to envision the world as it was when she was a child. Living spaces and the memories they hold within their objects and walls are concepts that interest Cat. Her artwork aims to physically represent what memory feels and looks like within the mind's eye. In the pieces featured, specifically, Two Year Lease, the memory of each moment within the rooms are visualized by the layers of tulle. As the memories continue to pile up, the tulle blurs the room, and the embroidery featured on the material blends together. This is a physical representation of how memory fills a space and overlaps itself. Removing the tulle—moving out of the space and onto new places—removes the memory. The next person to take over the lease has no idea the kinds of things that happened between those walls.



Born just outside of Boston, Fulton is a self-taught guitarist who has been playing since he was eight years old. Influenced by his parents’ old record collection and the music from his teen years, Fulton’s music is inspired by a myriad of genres, ranging from the instrumentally dense Classical music, Jazz, and 70’s & 80’s Rock, all the way to the simpler, melodically accessible Pop Alternative of the 2000’s. As someone who was quite shy growing up, Fulton, now 33, found a voice through his instrument, which led to his original compositions being fully instrumental. Writing in a complex way to keep the interest of the listener, while also still holding on to catchy hooks and melodic sensibilities, Fulton’s music takes you on a journey through different tempos, keys, and moods of love, hope, nostalgia, struggle, perseverance, and more. While also drawing from other mediums ranging from Fine Arts to Cinema, the ‘Fultronix’ moniker was born out of Fulton’s love for Sci-Fi and other-worldly depictions of life and the universe. Fulton also loves teaching the guitar to aspiring students, after having undergone years of rigorous self-taught practice and ear training in the pre-YouTube era.

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Alexander Walk is a singer/songwriter and actor hailing from Queens, NY. Alexander began pursuing his artistic endeavors at a young age. He used art as a way to cope with the traumas and difficulties of life. By elementary school, Alexander was already writing original music and performing in school plays. Throughout his youth, Alexander continued to immerse himself in all aspects of the art world. He was later accepted into the prestigious LaGuardia Arts “Fame” High School where he continued to study his artistic passions and hone his talents. After graduation, Alexander moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music, where he is currently pursuing a degree in Recording & Production, Songwriting and Drama.

Left Photo Credit: Mac Lynch

Right Photo Credit: Sarah Katherine Lawless 

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Christopher David Rohrig is a mixed media collage artist, currently residing in Boston with his wife and their two children. Never one to stay within the lines, Christopher has been an artist rebel from a young age. Early on, he developed a fascination with the history images and objects inherit as they travel through our lives. Utilizing a mixture of personal photography and found images, Christopher’s work aims to alter the viewers perception of the world by connecting them to the times in their lives most associated with transition and change. Using layering and distortion techniques, Christopher blurs the lines between chaos and calm, in hopes viewers of his work will become more comfortable with questioning the emotions between what is and what can be.  

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